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by Black Vulmea
Mon 29 Nov 2021, 02:05
Forum: General
Topic: Polish Pronunciation
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Re: Polish Pronunciation

It should rather say: "Haben Sie etwas zu essen?" While the translation is literally (as in "literally" not as in "metaphorically") correct, it would be considered impolite. German is more formal between people, who don't know each other and that would be certainly tru...
by Black Vulmea
Mon 15 Nov 2021, 08:37
Forum: General
Topic: So... about Värnplikt and that last term of the lifepath...
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Re: So... about Värnplikt and that last term of the lifepath...

The US military is an all-volunteer force, but many enlist in the National Guard, which is administered state-by-state, or join the Reserve. For my T2K game, players may join the Guard or the Reserves by serving one or more military terms and are 'called up' from their civilian careers when the At W...
by Black Vulmea
Thu 06 May 2021, 05:32
Forum: Referees Only
Topic: T2000 Variant Campaigns
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Re: T2000 Variant Campaigns

At the Tip of the Spears - Peacekeepers, NGO workers, and reporters find themselves between government death-squads, desperate rebels, and callous mercenaries. It's a campaign I wanted to run for decades, all the way back to my d20 Modern playing days, but I think FL T2K might be the perfect vehicl...
by Black Vulmea
Thu 06 May 2021, 02:52
Forum: General
Topic: Interpreter Archetype
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Re: Interpreter Archetype

DoD contracted interpreters (terps) are a common sight on modern battlefields . . .

Wow, I was just thinking about this as a 'buddy' character for a Special Forces operator.

Looks good on first pass - if anything jumps out at me, I'll let you know. Great idea.
by Black Vulmea
Thu 06 May 2021, 02:31
Forum: General
Topic: Character Generation (Beta) -- Lifepath
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Re: Character Generation (Beta) -- Lifepath

If you're character has done their mandatory service, give them a term in the military. I did something like this for an American character last night - two terms totaling four years in the military, followed by two terms totaling five years in the police, to represent a character who served in the...
by Black Vulmea
Thu 17 Dec 2020, 00:54
Forum: Referees Only
Topic: [ALPHA] Temporary Alpha Feedback Place
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Re: [ALPHA] Temporary Alpha Feedback Place

The Builder specialty appears twice in the tables but it isn't defined anywhere - is it supposed to be the same as the Construction specialty?
by Black Vulmea
Wed 16 Dec 2020, 04:44
Forum: General
Topic: Who is Twilight: 2000 4e for?
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Re: Who is Twilight: 2000 4e for?

Age: fiftysomething Gamer Hx: Wargamer -----> roleplayer (grognard x2); played T2K but not a lifelong fan of the game - last four games played: Flashing Blades , 5 e D&D , Boot Hill , Mothership Life Hx: no military experience - astronomer, research diver, park ranger, resource ecologist, marine...
by Black Vulmea
Wed 16 Dec 2020, 00:24
Forum: General
Topic: [FUN] Soundtrack to Twilight 2000
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Re: [FUN] Soundtrack to Twilight 2000

NIИ "Terrible Lie," "Down in It," "Head Like a Hole," "Wish," "Happiness in Slavery," "Suck," "Big Man with a Gun," "Eraser," "I Do Not Want This," "March of the Pigs," "Hurt" - all release...
by Black Vulmea
Tue 15 Dec 2020, 17:43
Forum: General
Topic: What are machineguns? The game knows but refuses to admit it.
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Re: What are machineguns? The game knows but refuses to admit it.

The problem, as I was pointing out in the post you chose to quote, is that actually implementing rules that reflect proper employment of machine guns in an RPG is just going to make most players think something is not right, so it's best left to tabletop wargaming. If we wanted to get all simulatio...
by Black Vulmea
Tue 15 Dec 2020, 11:36
Forum: Referees Only
Topic: [ALPHA] THE WORLD AT WAR comments/feedback
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Re: [ALPHA] THE WORLD AT WAR comments/feedback

I expect consistency. Just as I expect a series of books, films, tv shows to be consistent within the world they have created. I have no doubt your game-world will be very consistent. So will mine. Why do they need to be consistent with each other's? A well thought out world building is also nice. ...
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