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by Just_Dave
Tue 07 Jul 2020, 04:00
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Topic: Q: What is Sturkas doing in The Hollows?
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Re: Q: What is Sturkas doing in The Hollows?

I have had some serious issues with that Rust Brother in town as well. So far I've gotten the impression they are the genuine deal as total assholes. They practice human sacrifice and slavery, workship demons and (this is were I have a serious problem with the setting as written) they are basically...
by Just_Dave
Sun 21 Jun 2020, 06:03
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Topic: Elves and the Blood Mist
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Elves and the Blood Mist

It doesn't say in the book, as far as I can see, why elves were immune to the blood mist and, more importantly, what they did in the three hundred years of the mist. Would they have traveled the land and visited isolated villages, perhaps sharing knowledge and news? Since children were immune, what ...
by Just_Dave
Sat 20 Jun 2020, 03:41
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Topic: Dodge & parry in a missed attack
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Re: Dodge & parry in a missed attack

If the attack is a miss would the defender still have to roll for the dodge or parry or would they just lose the action? Would there be a benefit in rolling aside from the option to push the roll?
by Just_Dave
Sat 20 Jun 2020, 03:39
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Topic: Real Earth Archetypes
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Re: Real Earth Archetypes

Would it be unbalanced to allow for modifiers to differentiate the human cultures? It's easy to say that Aslene should get a bonus to a riding skill but what about the other cultures?
by Just_Dave
Thu 18 Jun 2020, 16:04
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Topic: When to allow pushing?
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Re: When to allow pushing?

How do you justify or explain the damage when pushing a roll like crafting? What "in game" stress results from that?