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by BurnAfterRunning
Mon 29 Jun 2020, 18:11
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Topic: The Dance of Dreams
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Re: The Dance of Dreams

I ran this for The Smart Party Youtube channel - it's going out on 1st August, so I guess I'll post then - but the link is here for when it hits. I ran it, and then we had a discussion about the adventure and game - overall it's a neat little introduction, although the closed-room nature of it makes...
by BurnAfterRunning
Tue 05 May 2020, 14:31
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Topic: Running MY0:GA online advice
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Running MY0:GA online advice

Hi all, I'm about to start running the Genlab Alpha campaign online, and just looking for resources etc. For our previous campaign we used Roll20 and Hangouts - but I've heard rumours of a Discord dice bot for MY0 that might make that easier. There is a character sheet setup in Roll20 but it's for M...