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by dogsonofawolf
Thu 16 Jan 2020, 19:36
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Topic: Kids? Really?
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Re: [Moved] Kids? Really?

Agree with suggestions mentioned; a child inroduces some complexities to your job as GM but tyou have tools to deal with them, so work with the group to find a balance between the player's desire and nature of the campaign. I do want to call out the inspiration for the Kid class is pretty clearly Ne...
by dogsonofawolf
Thu 16 Jan 2020, 19:02
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Topic: Chart of Success probability
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Re: Chart of Success probability

Beautiful chart, thank you for sharing! I usually hack something together with , but this is much prettier.
by dogsonofawolf
Wed 08 Jan 2020, 04:00
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Topic: Campaign Mode Examples
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Re: Campaign Mode Examples

While my preference is definitely towards thought-out, thoroughly prepared narrative arcs over free-form, I imagine both can work given the particular players and GM? Whatever results in people having fun, is I think the conventional metric of success. Unfortunately my aforementioned preference mean...
by dogsonofawolf
Tue 07 Jan 2020, 21:35
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Topic: Is the thematic core of the Alien franchise Marxist and Feminist?
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Re: Is the thematic core of the Alien franchise Marxist and Feminist?

According to J. W. Rinzler's recent book, Dan O'Bannon imagined the character that would become Ripley as male, but specifically wrote the script with last names only and called out the opportunity to cast anyone in any role. Hill and Giler's rewrites resolved her to be a woman and the feminist angl...
by dogsonofawolf
Sun 05 Jan 2020, 21:31
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Topic: Space Trucker Campaign Ideas
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Re: Space Trucker Campaign Ideas

Great suggestions from Bengt about driving the action with the Company's instructions; the convenient thing about Space Truckers is that at the end of the day the PCs need to keep their bellies full and fuel tanks topped off, and that means taking the jobs that come. If they do start considering "cu...
by dogsonofawolf
Sun 05 Jan 2020, 09:26
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Topic: My game, so far
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Re: My game, so far

That sounds amazing! I like how it's true to tone without actually showing any xenos. Let us know how it goes.