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by Spat
Thu 20 Feb 2020, 10:30
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Topic: Playing online
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Re: Playing online

Hi there, I play FL online with a bunch of friends, using Roll20. I know Fantasy Grounds too. FG is more difficult to handle than Roll20, but on the long term offers more possibility (for example automatization of damage reporting on your sheet).  To play online using Roll20, you would need : one of...
by Spat
Sun 09 Feb 2020, 10:48
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Topic: Rewriting Talents for combat with cards
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Rewriting Talents for combat with cards

Hello there, I tried to rewrite the 2 talents usable only if you use combat with cards, as we will not at my table (I find it quite limited and anyway we are playing online, which makes it very complicated). Please give a feedback if interested. Path of the Enemy You see through your opponent and an...
by Spat
Sun 09 Feb 2020, 10:43
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Topic: Is GMs not getting willpower better?
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Re: Is GMs not getting willpower better?

If you want to balance the use of WP between the GM and the PC, maybe you can just use the current rule but have your NPC use WP during a round only if at least one PC used some during the round. 2 PC using WP allows the GM to have 2 NPC using, and so forth. The goal is to avoid any calculations tha...
by Spat
Fri 07 Feb 2020, 17:38
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Topic: Adaptive talent examples
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Re: Adaptive talent examples

I would say you can imagine many things : - the PC has to lift a heavy rock to free a comrade, he can roll for Might or climb the rock and try wis his own weight and acrobatics to unbalance it and make it roll (roll for Move) ; - the PC has to roll for Endurance to resist cold during a journey, he i...
by Spat
Wed 29 Jan 2020, 10:28
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Topic: Slavery in Ravenland
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Re: Slavery in Ravenland

Slavery usually obeys precise rules to avoid that anybody capturing you in the street could sell you as a slave. Such a society would just collapse. For example for the Romans, a slave was a person convicted of serious felony who was deprived of civil rights, and therefore could possibly be used as ...
by Spat
Tue 28 Jan 2020, 09:14
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Topic: A calendar to track quarter days
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Re: A calendar to track quarter days

Excellent, very useful for campaigns. Thanks a lot.
by Spat
Wed 22 Jan 2020, 11:56
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Topic: Kin talent adaptive
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Re: Kin talent adaptive

In my understanding the Player has to decide to use Adaptative before resolving the Action (as he describes what justifies it). You can roll only once for an Action, if he decides to use Manipulation, he only has to decide if he Pushes or not. If before he decides to use Adaptative, he could Push Lo...
by Spat
Sun 19 Jan 2020, 19:09
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Topic: Skeleton and sword
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Re: Skeleton and sword

Well, you can assume that the user will try to attack the skeleton with the Slashing edge rather than the piercing tip. it seems complicated to pierce a bone, so the user should have enough common sense to use his blade to cut / break them. Else let the player describe his strike, and adjudicate wha...
by Spat
Sat 04 Jan 2020, 13:48
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Topic: Raven's Purge : Bind Soul
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Raven's Purge : Bind Soul

Hello there, I read this excellent campaign, and I had a question about the BIND SOUL spell which a NPC uses in a part of the campaign : with the description from the PH, I don't understand clearly how the NPC can switch body. Does it require 2 uses of the spell (1 for the victim, 1 for the spellcas...