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by reticuli
Tue 27 Apr 2021, 09:49
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Topic: Deadliness of starting adventure
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Deadliness of starting adventure

Hi Recently been running the first adventure from the starter set “darkness dwells”. The enemies appear to be seriously overpowered and it’s very difficult to negotiate your way out -the party are at risk of being wiped out in first combat which feels harsh! am I missing something? It feels to me li...
by reticuli
Thu 23 Jan 2020, 09:19
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Topic: Custom made map, C-424
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Re: Custom made map, C-424

This is great thank you for spending the time creating and sharing it :)
Great render , v atmospheric!
by reticuli
Mon 30 Dec 2019, 13:31
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Topic: Miniatures tips.
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Re: Miniatures tips.

If you like 15mm for more of a grand overview look Khurasan have a big range of vehicles and figures-lot more affordable but might not be everyone’s taste: I’ve been collecting and painting a load of alien universe at this scale for traveller/ host...