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by kiny506
Sun 08 Nov 2020, 00:09
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Topic: Alien Reprints and Corrections
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Alien Reprints and Corrections

Hey all, has anyone purchased the Alien RPG book and Map bundle recently? if you have could you tell me if they corrected any of the many spelling mistakes from the first printing of the game? I want to repurchase them but I can't see anywhere except for the PDF's that it has been fixed.
by kiny506
Fri 04 Sep 2020, 02:47
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Topic: Probably earn the ire of long time fans, but...
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Re: Probably earn the ire of long time fans, but...

I'm not a long time fan but I also think this would be kinda contrary to the setting. I think that there are other good games with similar settings that could scratch this itch for you. Now if you are already someone who plays T2K or MYZ I think it could be fun for you to adapt the rules to include ...
by kiny506
Fri 08 Nov 2019, 23:55
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Topic: Maps errata: IT'S WEYLAND, not WELAND!
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Re: Maps errata: IT'S WEYLAND, not WELAND!

I understand how small errors can creep into the game and cause issues like this. I assume that the PDF will be updated and future versions will have the mistakes fixed. However I am wondering if Fria Ligan would be willing to reprint the Map for people who pre-ordered the book and maybe offer a dis...