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by sanjurotokage
Sat 22 Jun 2024, 13:36
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I was trying to see if anyone has done any painting guides for the figure, cannot see any though I will give it a bash myself and share my experiences and failures.
by sanjurotokage
Fri 03 May 2024, 09:16
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Topic: Animoids - life expectancy [contains spoilers]
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Animoids - life expectancy [contains spoilers]

This thought is here as spoils a bit of the case file Something that spun off from *Fiery Angels* is that there are two animoids in the case that have been existed since 2019. Tyrell’s Owl McCoy’s Dog This suggests Animoids are built to last (depending on quality and upkeep) compared to Nexus Replic...
by sanjurotokage
Thu 02 May 2024, 23:40
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Topic: Query re the Niander/Amos character
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Re: Query re the Niander/Amos character

No he shouldn't. Remember, the idea is to look like Nainder but he will run than fight - it is mentioned in the blurb.
by sanjurotokage
Thu 02 May 2024, 23:34
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Topic: Fiery Angels Thoughts [Spoilers]
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Fiery Angels Thoughts [Spoilers]

So last night, finished running the second case file Fiery Angels that was streamed on Raldanesh's YouTube. After completing the case, I must confess it was a struggle and the end event was really confusing given what the PC went through. Looking back over the case and what the players engage with, ...
by sanjurotokage
Sun 12 Nov 2023, 10:16
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Topic: Case File 02: Fiery Angels PDF Feedback
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Re: Case File 02: Fiery Angels PDF Feedback

A couple of guidance points needed for things that may not have happened as the case makes assumptions that Case 1 and the 1997 video game went in a fixed direction but both have multiple ends. Definitely a sentence or two about Lilith's daughter if the players saved her along with Lilith. A sentenc...
by sanjurotokage
Thu 02 Nov 2023, 15:06
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Topic: Running Blade Runner at conventions (4 hour one-shot)
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Re: Running Blade Runner at conventions (4 hour one-shot)

Hey there, just spotted this chat. I have been running my own Bladerunner game at some UK conventions titled Life, Liberty and the The Pursuit of Happiness with moderate success on the adventure as it was a specific challenge I set myself after running electric dreams a couple of times for friends a...
by sanjurotokage
Fri 27 Oct 2023, 17:27
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Topic: Wild West Y0?
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Re: Wild West Y0?

The Effect Podcast guys have been working on a Western YZE in their background though it is still in the works they have been releasing actual plays of the campaigns/adventures - I have been running a series of one shots at some UK conventions on their system and there has ...
by sanjurotokage
Sat 07 Oct 2023, 16:53
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Topic: Alien: Colony War
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Re: Alien: Colony War

The worlds in Colony War :evil: and Inferno's fall feature in building better world along Into Charybdis (no adventure, but nice looking map). Alien Echo world is mentioned in the core book as it hosts lion worms. The Worlds in Enemy of my Enemy aren't included as the book was feb 2023 but most of t...
by sanjurotokage
Sat 07 Oct 2023, 12:51
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Topic: Building better worlds pdf
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Re: Building better worlds pdf

Done a high level read through of the pdf. There is a lot in there I am loving, the input from David Semark's work brings in a lot that I want to see in an Alien RPG supplement. Harvesters usage, civilian vehicles, a good first adventure (home sweet home) My only disappointment is the influence of o...
by sanjurotokage
Mon 11 Jul 2022, 14:50
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Topic: Any devs present? Electric Dreams Misprint? *Spoilers*
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Re: Any devs present? Electric Dreams Misprint? *Spoilers*

Thanks for the reply Tomas.

I was going to post my experience but I see one of my players has uploaded the Gameplay sessions on YouTube