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by grindoctor
Thu 08 Aug 2019, 20:20
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Topic: Ship modules and features
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Re: Ship modules and features

Another question about modules: some of the "pre-made" class III ships Scarab, Azuk and Oryx all have a crew of five, but in all but one configuration only one cabin module (which seems to be standard with 4 cabins for class III). Or am I misinterpreting and these are coffin cabin modules? Edit: Jus...
by grindoctor
Thu 08 Aug 2019, 20:06
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Topic: Raising attribute
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Re: Raising attribute

Older thread but anyways... To "balance" the difference in points between different upbringing, a house rule could be to raise attributes for 10 EXP per step (as two skill points seem to equal 1 attribute point in the upbringing table).  The total sum of attribute points however cannot be higher tha...