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by Enigma
Tue 11 Jun 2019, 15:03
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Topic: Can you disarm an Alien?
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Re: Can you disarm an Alien?

Disarm the giant bioweapon killing machine? Shouldn't be possible as every inch of it is designed to kill. Or maybe it is! GM: The Alien rears up, hissing with malice and jaws drooling slime. It's the perfect killing machine and it's about to demonstrate it on you. What do you do? PC: I disarm it. ...
by Enigma
Sun 09 Jun 2019, 20:52
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Topic: Cancelling/upgrading preorder
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Cancelling/upgrading preorder

Hi guys! I preordered the book not long ago. And there's quite a few things with the setting I dont like... But mostly I'm very pumped to get playing. The problem is that I regret only preordering the book and want to get the bundle. Is there any way to cancel the order and get a new one, or to upgr...