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by hugolefou
Wed 05 Jun 2019, 10:40
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Topic: Chariot of the Gods
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Re: Chariot of the Gods

Really interesting contributions here with valuable feedback, so thank you everyone! SPOILER WARNING! I will run Chariot of the Gods next week, and since there'll be only 3 PCs I was initially thinking about not using the android character (or at least have him be one of the NPCs). However, I wasn't...
by hugolefou
Sun 02 Jun 2019, 10:38
Forum: General
Topic: Talent - Personal Safety
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Re: Talent - Personal Safety

I have another question about this talent. In the description, it says to "make a MANIPULATE roll (straight roll, not opposed, and does not count as an action)". What does straight roll mean here? A normal roll (number of dice = EMPATHY + MANIPULATION values) or that you only roll with 3 dice (for W...