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by Glimpse
Fri 07 Jun 2019, 18:25
Forum: Rules
Topic: Traits
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Re: Traits

A trait is just a quick way of identifying a quirk or aspect of a character or non-player character and somewhat a role-playing aspect of them.
by Glimpse
Thu 06 Jun 2019, 15:32
Forum: Setting
Topic: First scenario hopes
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Re: First scenario hopes

This raises an interesting thought for me. Will it be interesting at all to play this game without the xenomorphs included one way or another? Ill admit i know nothing about the setting outside of the movies and their main events :) Yes, it could be played without the Xenomorphs or any other alien ...
by Glimpse
Thu 06 Jun 2019, 15:28
Forum: Rules
Topic: Where to report Typo's and issues ?
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Re: Where to report Typo's and issues ?

I don't have it on me right now, but there was an updated link in one of the recent newsletters and on the Facebook group, but you can report typos and issues here on the forums.
by Glimpse
Thu 06 Jun 2019, 15:26
Forum: Rules
Topic: PvP
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Re: PvP

Well, in Chariot, for instance, the traitor turn is mostly when the PC has been infected and begins to attack the party as the change overcomes them. They'll be a full blown monster soon enough and the GM needs to take control of that character to maintain the survivors vs neomorphs atmosphere.  Of ...
by Glimpse
Sat 01 Jun 2019, 08:07
Forum: General
Topic: Virtual Tabletops?
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Re: Virtual Tabletops?

I run and play in a D&D game and a Vampire game on Discord. We use RPBot for D&D and Thirst for Vampire.  Using Discord, a die roller and just putting the map files on Discord for the players is an easy way to do it and you don't need a seperate vtt client, even though I know some people prefer those.
by Glimpse
Thu 30 May 2019, 17:14
Forum: Rules
Topic: Health?
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Re: Health?

Your character's Health is equal to their Strength. 

If you're Broken (lose all Health) you roll for Critical Injury. You can only crawl and mumble through the pain. You regain 1 health every turn (5-10 min) unless someone can use First Aid on you.
by Glimpse
Thu 30 May 2019, 09:19
Forum: General
Topic: Rotating the character sheets in the PDF or exporting as separate files
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Re: Rotating the character sheets in the PDF or exporting as separate files

The Coriolis Effect made some form-fillable sheets that maybe easier to deal with printing off: ... AXaIW8jlJQ
by Glimpse
Wed 29 May 2019, 23:00
Forum: Pre-Order
Topic: PDF Printer-friendly version?
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Re: PDF Printer-friendly version?


A printer-friendly version is something we're looking into, we'll see what we can do. :)
That is excellent news! Thank you, Tomas!
by Glimpse
Wed 29 May 2019, 22:59
Forum: Pre-Order
Topic: Trouble Providing Feedback
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Re: Trouble Providing Feedback

Found this out the hard way: once you upload a pdf file, you can't delete it and upload a new version or upload a second copy.
You can click Edit and add more things to it. 
by Glimpse
Tue 28 May 2019, 18:37
Forum: General
Topic: Printer Friendly Character Sheets?
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Re: Printer Friendly Character Sheets?

Nope, not at all. Reread my last line that you left out of your quote. Has nothing to with instant gratification, just that I don't have the tools to remove background layers in PDFs and the searches I've done and information I've found don't work in removing them correctly as I said before, which i...
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