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by Mohawk Norwegian
Sun 17 Mar 2019, 00:00
Forum: Coriolis - Rules (ENGLISH)
Topic: Sensitive sensors
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Re: Sensitive sensors

Took a read in the core book just to check, and I think you're overthinking it. The way I read it, 'sensetive sensors' give a bonus to all rolls the sensor operator makes in their turn, no exceptions. (well, data djinn rolls while in front of their console of course) If it's OP? nah, remember, it's ...
by Mohawk Norwegian
Fri 15 Mar 2019, 18:54
Forum: Coriolis - Rules (ENGLISH)
Topic: Playing Semi-intelligent beings (rules)
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Re: Playing Semi-intelligent beings (rules)

As it happens, I was thinking of the same thing the other day. Legion nekatra are beef as hell, hevily augumented and experienced warriors, so playing them is a no go for starting characters. But even with attempt at rolling back from there to something more normal, they are still beefy as hell. So ...