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by TheManMachine
Mon 11 Mar 2019, 21:38
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Topic: When are custom dice available again?
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Re: When are custom dice available again?

I would also like to know. :)

A discount when buying two or three sets at a time would be nice. I have no idea what the costs are for manufacturing dice, but I find it a little funny that two sets of dice (which, as you say, is the minimum) is the same price as the whole Boxed Core Set.
by TheManMachine
Tue 05 Mar 2019, 16:01
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Topic: Errata for published game
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Re: Errata for published game

English language GM Book page 169 - Table for village ruler oddity: The English translations for two entries are a bit misleading. "Confusing" (41-43) should be "confused", and "secret" (61-63) should be "secretive". No biggie, but worth fixing in the next edition. :)