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by Azel-Liark
Wed 17 Jun 2020, 22:49
Forum: Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL)
Topic: Feedback
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Re: Feedback

Some of my players don't want to change too often of system rules. So the 5e OGL is my opportunity to play in this universe with them. Max level In the beta, all the classes are going until level 6. Willl it be a "hard" limit without possiblility to go to a higher level? It makes sense to not have l...
by Azel-Liark
Wed 10 Jul 2019, 21:10
Forum: Rules
Topic: The Feral Effects chart - does it need a tweak?
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Re: The Feral Effects chart - does it need a tweak?

You may have been unlucky as well. Through all the campaign, I had a few situaton like this but most of the time it went ok. 
The feral power are very nice and useful but it represent a risk. 

Now, if it doesn't work well with your group, maybe as some people say, you could reduce the effects. 
by Azel-Liark
Mon 15 Apr 2019, 23:11
Forum: Free League Talk
Topic: Mutant: Hindenburg and Ad Astra : English KS?
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Mutant: Hindenburg and Ad Astra : English KS?

There was a swedish KS for  Mutant: Hindenburg and a time ago there was a teaser on Ad Astra.

Is there any date for an english KS for those ones? 

And more generally, is there a view on the upcoming releases for Mutant Year Zero? 
by Azel-Liark
Sun 17 Feb 2019, 21:17
Forum: Rules
Topic: Strategic turn and Key events
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Strategic turn and Key events

During each strategic turn, PC needs to decide which cells operate where and which type of mission. They also have to decide for the PC cell.  When you are introducing one of the Key Event (like the very first one to get back the weapon from Dog's tribe), do you play it in top of the mission of the ...