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by Rangertheman
Fri 18 Sep 2020, 11:33
Forum: Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL)
Topic: Interview in EN World
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Interview in EN World

Very good interview concerning the Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL).
by Rangertheman
Thu 03 Sep 2020, 10:52
Forum: General
Topic: New Player / Question on Products
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Re: New Player / Question on Products

As far as I know, there are currently no plans to replace the original rules with the 5E rules. If the 5E rules move past the test balloon stage they will live side by side with the original ones.I'm guessing it will be kind of like with TOR/AiME.
by Rangertheman
Mon 31 Aug 2020, 17:47
Forum: General
Topic: Svensk utgåva?
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Re: Svensk utgåva?

Det kommer ett svenskt rollformulär och en översättningslista av viktiga termer, om det töjmålet uppnås.
by Rangertheman
Thu 27 Aug 2020, 23:40
Forum: Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL)
Topic: Designers' Journal
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Re: Designers' Journal

Looking forward to reading your weekly posts!
by Rangertheman
Fri 21 Aug 2020, 10:44
Forum: General
Topic: Symbaroum Starter Box Set?
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Re: Symbaroum Starter Box Set?

It's in the works but I can't remember any ETA. Maybe this winter? Mattias Johnsson Haake talked about it in their latest podcast. I think it's to be called Symbaroum - Treasures of Davokar or something like that. Maybe Ruins of Davokar ? I hope it will give new GMs/players some insight into the dep...
by Rangertheman
Fri 21 Aug 2020, 10:32
Forum: Swedish Corner
Topic: Hade stora förväntningar på Symbaroum
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Re: Hade stora förväntningar på Symbaroum

Så därför tänkte jag fråga er andra som spelar, är spelet så bra som det verkar med de intryck man fått av att läsa det och fått ett litet smakprov på? Håller det legendariska, mystiken och skräckinslagen och äventyrslystnaden i sig och är det lika bra i längden eller sker en mättnad? Jag vill hävd...
by Rangertheman
Wed 05 Aug 2020, 12:25
Forum: Free League Talk
Topic: Cthulhu RPG
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Re: Cthulhu RPG

And here I was thinking that this was just a Swedish translation of Call of Cthulhu using Chaosium's game mechanics. Apparently not? The title listed on the FL homepage is a lavishly illustrated hardcover edition of Lovecraft's short story and not an rpg at all. Is that correct? There is a Swedish ...
by Rangertheman
Fri 31 Jul 2020, 13:52
Forum: General
Topic: Kickstarter announcement - time?
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Re: Kickstarter announcement - time?

I'm guessing they will wait until the Americans are out of bed :)
by Rangertheman
Thu 25 Jun 2020, 13:06
Forum: Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL)
Topic: What are the future plans for Ruins of Symbaroum?
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Re: What are the future plans for Ruins of Symbaroum?

I think it's great that you are shooting for some uniquely Symbaroum-flavored classes :-)
by Rangertheman
Sun 21 Jun 2020, 15:43
Forum: Ruins of Symbaroum (5E OGL)
Topic: Feedback
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Re: Feedback

The PDF looks really great! Although, if this becomes a bigger and even printed product, it would be nice if Johan Nohr could take a shot at a design that shares the same feel but is different enough to make it stand out from the rest of the Symbaroum line. Martin Grip's illustrations should remain ...