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by Gothhog
Mon 29 Apr 2019, 13:29
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Topic: No Multiple Combats in a day?
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Re: No Multiple Combats in a day?

I house rule that the PC:s may with roleplaying justify taking damage on other attributes than Strength. With this rule it’s possible to describe exhaustion (Agility damage); hesitation and fear (Intelligence damage); fury and frustration (Charisma damage) in addition to broken bones, pain and gore ...
by Gothhog
Wed 27 Jul 2016, 19:15
Forum: Svavelvinter - Regler
Topic: Köpa PDF?
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Re: Köpa PDF?

Jag har köpt Svavelvinter, Världsboken, Tramenze och Tricilve och önskar PDF:er till dessa snälla..