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by Tomas
Wed 17 Feb 2021, 11:21
Forum: General
Topic: Kickstarter “info”
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Re: Kickstarter “info”

Hi! Fair points, but Fenhorn also has some fair replies. On a general note, there is a strict word count on Kickstarter so the main page actually cannot be much longer than it already is. Both the TOR and the T2K Kickstarters do have sections about the rules, outlining the general principles. Furthe...
by Tomas
Sun 24 Jan 2021, 21:15
Forum: Hindenburg
Topic: SPOILERS!!! Gryningens beskyddare BETA, feedback och korrektur
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SPOILERS!!! Gryningens beskyddare BETA, feedback och korrektur

Hej alla!

I denna tråd får ni gärna rapportera korrekturfel och annat knas som ni upptäcker i Beta-PDF:en av Gryningens beskyddare. Denna tråd är ENBART till för spelledare, och det är därmed ok att kommentarer här innehåller spoilers.
by Tomas
Mon 18 Jan 2021, 14:58
Forum: M0 - Allmänt
Topic: MÅ0 Ultimate Edition (v3.0)!!
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Re: MÅ0 Ultimate Edition (v3.0)!!


Det paket som du länkar till - startpaketet - innehåller grundboxen med uppdaterade regler, ja.
by Tomas
Wed 13 Jan 2021, 14:37
Forum: Free League Talk
Topic: FoundryVTT official support for your games
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Re: FoundryVTT official support for your games

Stay tuned, things will happen soon!
by Tomas
Mon 11 Jan 2021, 18:28
Forum: GM Only
Topic: Foundry VTT Compendia
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Re: Foundry VTT Compendia

We are looking into this, yes. :)
by Tomas
Tue 08 Dec 2020, 13:04
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Topic: To Aim or Not
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Re: To Aim or Not

I would say they changed that to make hits less likely, which is in my view a good thing. That's exactly right. Shooting without spending a fast action to aim allows moving in the same round, so this is basically a move+shoot action. The overall idea here is that we want to emphasize suppression + ...
by Tomas
Wed 02 Dec 2020, 11:49
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Topic: Keep Calm and Carry On
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Re: Keep Calm and Carry On

Thank you!
by Tomas
Wed 02 Dec 2020, 11:40
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Topic: [ALPHA] THE WORLD AT WAR comments/feedback
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Re: [ALPHA] THE WORLD AT WAR comments/feedback

And that is a problem <sigh> a number of backers (possibly large, possibly small) expected it to be both ... To some extent, of course it is both, there is certainly plenty of military simulation in the game, but at it's core, it's a survival roleplayig game. And I think we have been very clear abo...
by Tomas
Wed 02 Dec 2020, 10:38
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Topic: Ammo Dice...why?
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Re: Ammo Dice...why?

We weren't discussing basic crits, but "Severe Injuries" (on page 71-72). It is strange that heavier weapons have a harder time (or impossible time!) creating severe injuries. I overlooked this on first read. This is a fair point and something we'll have a look at. One comment I would make is that ...