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by Broadsmile
Fri 03 May 2024, 10:35
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Topic: [Changed Title] Discussion about Stanengist
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Re: Theory: turning the previous elf house into Stanengist was what enslaved the orcs, and made demonic incursion possib

This was a really cool post. I've been running with the notion of Stanegist being a romantic sort of power of the land crown marking the wearer as the rightful ruler of the Rivers, Plains, Forests, Winds and Hills. But I think I might switch over to this more ominous Interpetaition as the Grim truth...
by Broadsmile
Fri 03 May 2024, 10:03
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Topic: Pronunciation Guide?
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Re: Pronunciation Guide?

Im very curious about the name guide. I've been having trouble naming the Elves I think the book names are very cool but I can't trace the inspiration and have been defaulting to tolkienesqe elf names (which are neat but don't really stand out)
by Broadsmile
Wed 20 Mar 2024, 16:08
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Topic: Need Help wih reworking of Path of the Killer
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Re: Need Help wih reworking of Path of the Killer

I'd recommend the Extra Professions supplement on DrivethroughRpg. It's unofficial but the Burglar Profession is basically a more clean & classic version of a rouge. Sneak/light attacks, Stealth, Acrobatics. It's also got an Artisan class which is neat if somewhat particular. And a Noble class w...
by Broadsmile
Wed 20 Mar 2024, 15:53
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Topic: Dragon's grave - Bitter Reach
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Re: Dragon's grave - Bitter Reach

So hey total Necro but I've just let my players loose in Dragon's grave and I'd like to share my ideas for this evocative location. So we've got a dead Dragon the size of a Hex 5ish kilometers? Frozen in the Glacier. Now in my world (and most fantasy worlds) dragonbone is very valuble. It's like Ivo...