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by Formlexx
Thu 04 Jan 2024, 12:10
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Topic: Undead and channelling
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Re: Undead and channelling

Not sure if there's an official ruling but I would say that it's absorbed and simply disappear. Playing as an undead mystic is extremely overpowered simply because undead are not affected by corruption. This and lore reasons is why it's often not recommended for players to use in a normal campaign. ...
by Formlexx
Thu 30 Nov 2023, 14:25
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Topic: Mystical Powers and mystical powers abilities
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Re: Mystical Powers and mystical powers abilities

The mystical power ability is just a placeholder for the mystical powers, you don't need to get both separately. So 10xp for novice, 20xp for adept and 30xp for master and then you know the mystical power.
by Formlexx
Sun 15 Oct 2023, 12:10
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Topic: Elida in The Witch Hammer
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Re: Elida in The Witch Hammer

I would play into Elidas gift, she can remove/reduce any destructive/violent tendencies and feelings. With this gift and the fact that she's literally insane she should be able to handle any attacker. Maybe place some corpses in her room that show no signs of fighting back.