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by Mad Santa
Mon 15 May 2023, 20:55
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Topic: Soundtrack for WWIII
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Soundtrack for WWIII

I've begun compiling a playlist of "in-universe" music for my future campaigns to get a sense of the "soundscape" of the game world and the kinds of tunes that might earworm an NPC, like the guard humming Podmoskovnye Vechera .
by Mad Santa
Tue 09 May 2023, 21:56
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Topic: Campaign advice: what now?
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Re: Campaign advice: what now?

A couple of ideas: The MBs are zealots with a supply of something nasty (sarin, a suitcase nuke, a mysterious bioagent or the like). They offer the PCs shelter/aid, but expect the PCs to use the deadly stuff to commit an atrocity (e.g. a false flag attack on an open village). or The MBs deserted fro...
by Mad Santa
Tue 09 May 2023, 20:26
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Topic: Has anyone not gotten Urban Ops yet?
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Re: Has anyone not gotten Urban Ops yet?

I didn't pre-order through KS and I live in the US. I just got my message today. Santa's Christmas is coming way early this year!