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by Ariolan
Sat 06 May 2023, 12:27
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Topic: Police Rank and Commendations
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Police Rank and Commendations

On pages 156 and 166,167 there is background on Rank, Commendation and Disciplinary Action. What I fail to see is how this interacts mechanically with the game. What police rank do players have, when do you hand out what Distinction or Disciplinary Action and what are the effects of this ? Is this s...
by Ariolan
Sat 06 May 2023, 12:18
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Topic: NPCs and Stress
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Re: NPCs and Stress

Moreover, what is missing is a Morale rule of sorts. Most people would just give up after being fired upon by the police, most certainly after being hit once. So I houseruled that NPCs (with the exception of Replicant Combat models, which makes them creepier, and other military personnel) give up af...