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by Priscian
Sat 13 Aug 2022, 03:25
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Topic: "Time limit" in Council
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"Time limit" in Council

Hello, Is the Time limit the total number of rolls the Company is entitled to make in order to obtain a number of successes at least equal to (resistance rating + tengwars obtained on the introduction roll)? And if so, this total number of rolls can be attempted by anyone in the Company (meaning the...
by Priscian
Tue 02 Aug 2022, 21:40
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Topic: Fellowship focus and Shadow
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Fellowship focus and Shadow

Hello, After reading most of these very interesting threads concerning The One Ring (I'm a Hobbit so I did stay away from the LM part of the forum), I decided to register and participate to the discussions. I'm sorry if it has been already addressed somewhere I haven't found yet. Also, pardon my [be...