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by EsteemedGent
Fri 15 Jul 2022, 09:03
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Topic: Case Generator Guidance
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Case Generator Guidance

Hey all! Really loving the idea of the case generator, it's really something I wish more games had in their rulebooks as the framework it can provide allows for some really engaging combinations of facts in cases. I was just wondering about the sections for locations and clues. Did you miss out some...
by EsteemedGent
Wed 06 Jul 2022, 08:46
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Topic: Any devs present? Electric Dreams Misprint? *Spoilers*
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Any devs present? Electric Dreams Misprint? *Spoilers*

Hello! Really loving the ruleset at the moment and cannot wait to run it, but i think I found something in the starter set case file that is a typo that would have unintended effects. Obvious spoilers ahead so for those not GM'ing read no further! In the small character stat line holden gives the pl...