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by TheDementedDodo
Sun 06 Feb 2022, 23:20
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Topic: One Ring Dice Set
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Re: One Ring Dice Set

For now ... I used a sharpie on the black dice to make the 11 a 1.

It's not do pretty but easier visual in game when the game gets going/heated.

I am glad of their resolution promise on reprint though. It is surprising that a mistake like that got through multiple tiers of QC. OH WELL ;)
by TheDementedDodo
Sun 06 Feb 2022, 23:15
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Topic: Portrait Character Sheet?
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Portrait Character Sheet?

Does anyone know of a portrait character sheet in pdf? Even though the landscape is beautiful when printed, i primarily use a tablet and or my e-ink e reader for character sheets (the Remarkable). My Remarkable is literally a digital notepad ... But it just doesn't work well in landscapenwith my set...