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by scaevola01
Sun 18 Sep 2022, 16:58
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Topic: Mythic Britain soundtrack update?
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Mythic Britain soundtrack update?

I backed the Mythic Britain Kickstarter. One of the stretch goals was a new soundtrack album. Has anyone heard an update about that?
by scaevola01
Sat 26 Feb 2022, 20:58
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Topic: Rules clarifications
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Rules clarifications

Can anyone please clarify the following rules in the core rulebook? Page 123, Powdered Stag's Horn: What does it mean that "you can use OBSERVATION to resist the temptations of Vaesen?" Observation is already used to resist a lot of Curses, so I don't understand how this is an improvement....
by scaevola01
Sun 16 Jan 2022, 00:47
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Topic: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery
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Re: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Page 81, in the boxed text "Role-playing the Storytelling": the should be them , i think. If the play- ers want to tell stories this is a good opportunity to let the develop and describe their charac- ters, perhaps by describing the Trauma of their first meeting with a vaesen (page XX of t...