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by psullie
Fri 12 Apr 2024, 15:21
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Topic: Limits on pushing rolls?
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Re: Limits on pushing rolls?

This is an issue with all the YZE games with a push/condition mechanic. For these type encounters I try to introduce alternative side effects - for example they get a reputation driving a hard bargain or being stingy. You could also rule that these are similar to passive rolls and cannot be pushed.
by psullie
Sun 31 Mar 2024, 21:55
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Topic: Hampstead Group Handout 3D
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Re: Hampstead Group Handout 3D

I'm running this at the moment too, and Handout 3D doesn't exist. I get the feeling that that particular mystery was pared down before publication.
by psullie
Mon 18 Mar 2024, 19:09
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Topic: Official Errata Rules Book
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Re: Official Errata Rules Book

Mages can't use metal weapons and cast spells, so I believe that the intention was to create a character without any weapons
by psullie
Sat 09 Mar 2024, 12:29
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Topic: Persuasion in Combat
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Re: Persuasion in Combat

I feel that Manipulation requires dialogue and is intended for one-to-one or small social encounters. Inspiration is intended for addressing groups and probably better suited to addressing multiple combatants. So if you have a one on one dual like in Princess Bride then Manipulation would work but a...
by psullie
Tue 05 Mar 2024, 20:03
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Topic: Roll20 Character Sheet
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Roll20 Character Sheet

I'm running a Vaesen game using Roll20 and the character sheet developed by Starships&Steel - upgraded by Velczer
However the Vaesen tab looks to have a bug in the Attacks section whereby the Use butting doesn't roll any dice. The Conditions stack also doesn't modify any dice rolls.

by psullie
Tue 05 Mar 2024, 19:48
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Topic: Vaesen Adventure Module Question
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Re: Vaesen Adventure Module Question

FWIW I'd go for it, perhaps make it an optional extra or add a bit for the item using just the core rules. good luck with it!
by psullie
Tue 27 Feb 2024, 18:33
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Topic: Lead Pool of Dice: Can the Leader give dice after the roll?
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Re: Lead Pool of Dice: Can the Leader give dice after the roll?

Pushing is a re-roll of the original check sans 6's, you therefore cannot add bonus dice after the fact.
by psullie
Tue 27 Feb 2024, 18:25
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Topic: Bestiary pdf only
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Re: Bestiary pdf only

by psullie
Sat 03 Feb 2024, 22:14
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Topic: Dragonbane in a Small Group?
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Re: Dragonbane in a Small Group?

Dragonbane combat can be quite deadly and some monsters are especially brutal. Perhaps have the player take two PC each. Also encourage the Player to rest often to recover conditions, WP and HP. Running away is allows an option as is negotiation - many of the NPCs can be reasoned with.
by psullie
Sat 03 Feb 2024, 22:04
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Topic: Opposed Rolls Observation/Suggestion
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Re: Opposed Rolls Observation/Suggestion

Before the new edition of RQ came out they toyed with the idea of highest roll while succeeding braking ties. In your example the Player would win simply because he rolled higher than the guards 8. Less math to figure but still give a slight advantage to though with higher skills. I think however th...