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Different ways using the map stickers

Fri 09 Mar 2018, 11:13

Hey everybody! First time post here.
Really exited about the upcoming game and it has been real fun reading all your discussions here on the forum.

So we got a preview of some real nice map sticker presented a couple of day ago and it got me ponder of how i will use them in my sessions with my group.

The way i think it is intended is that when a rumour of an adventure site (or location explained from NPC) is presented for the group the sticker of the site goes on the map.
And I have no problem with that and think it is a solid and straightforward way to handle it. The players know where to go and it gives them the opportunity to plan their trip to the location.
Plus the raw cool factor of looking over the map and seeing all different locations you have heard of and can choose to visit.

However, i can think of situations you might want to do it in an other fashion depending of what flavour you want your game to have.
For example; A hidden ruin located somewhere deep in the dense Dankwood forest would not feel so hidden if it had the sticker placed on a hex on the map before discovering it.

If you want to the heighten the feel of mystery, discovery and exploration maybe you sometimes want to be more vague about the location.
For example; You can found it somewhere in the southern parts of the region. Or something like; where the river meets the mountains of ... and so on.

Or maybe you just say the location is hard to find so you must succeed on a roll of something.

Anyway, that’s just me rambling my thoughts and more directions will most likely be in the book. Just a fun topic to contemplate on.
What are your thoughts on the stickers? Do you have any cool ideas on how you will use them and the map through the game?
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Re: Different ways using the map stickers

Fri 09 Mar 2018, 12:09

My idea is to only place the stickers when a site is actually discovered. I wouldn't place them on the map just from rumours - these should only give the rough location, and the information might not be good (in fact, it should sometimes be bad).
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