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Re: Orcs and religion

Sun 04 Nov 2018, 13:34

Brior wrote:
Here's a suggested orch religion. Please comment!

I like the idea that ork religion is a bastardisation, a “selfmade” version of an older cult. For comic effects (if one is into that) this could become almost like a cargo-cult (those that are unfamiliar with the concept – google it, its awesome), where the orcs worship their version of Clay/Huge in the hopes of receiving advanced dwarven/elven goods. This works well with their history, since they where servants who where given arms by their masters. Example: an ork shrine to “Chlei/Klei”, often crudely built, has some peculiar similarities to a dwarven forge or an elven pottery. Their talismans are, if you look close enough, fetishizations of elven and dwarven tools. All this of course camouflaged beneath a layer of brutish and bloody rituals.