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Re: Mapping locations on the map

Mon 01 Oct 2018, 18:48

Scarnehall - There are 2 possible castles (Ai3 or Ad5). Home of Tademir Stonefriend, king of the Crombe dwarves.
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Re: Mapping locations on the map

Tue 02 Oct 2018, 13:37

blueman01 wrote:
"Weatherstone P37  I wanted it to be close to Harga, as this is where the fourth alder wars were fought. blueman01 seems to disagree. Please explain why this location is unlikely."

No I completely agree that it needs to be close to Harga. In 874 we know that Zygofer got pushed back to Alderstone where King Algarod was captured, killed and raised from the dead.
So I agree that it is near Alderstone, in Harga in one of the three castles. [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif]We know that Zygofer lived in Weatherstone for some time, performing his experiments (see the Weatherstone adventure site for details). After living in Weatherstone, he moved to Alderstone. The reason that I don't think P37 works, is that we also know that at some point (no date given) Merigall is captured by the elves and dissolved in acid and poured into Lake Harga - which then became called Blaudwater.  [/font]

If Zygofer was living in P37 at that time he should have sensed Merigall in the water. But we are told that "When Zygofer much later made his seat in Alderstone, he sensed the demonic being in the lake and was able to reshape Merigall through sorcery." So, if he moved from Weatherstone to Alderstone and only sensed the demon when in Alderstone, I'm making the connection that Alderstone must be closer to Blaudwater than Weatherstone. Which is why I suggest that Weatherstone needs to be one of the other two castles in the Harga area. 

Anyway, that's why I'm currently putting Weatherstone as P47.

I see. I love the in depth nerdy way this is going!
You have some points but I wanted to check where it says that Zygofer moved to Alderstone AFTER making experiments in Weatherstone. Weatherstone was used as a field laboratory, so my interpretation is that Zygofer kept Alderkleva as main base during his studies in Weatherstone.
When it somes to Merigall, it was already Zygofer's ally around 850 as. It was also around this time Zygofer was experimenting and later found the nexus. One could argue, that Weatherstone therefore should be pretty close to the nexus (maybe E38), but this make the site quite unreachable without having to pass Alderkleva and Vond. Another option is to place Weatherstone in I32 (where you have placed Haggler's house), which is both close to Alderkleva and your placement of Vale of the Dead (which I like).
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Re: Mapping locations on the map

Sat 06 Oct 2018, 15:54

Another location mentioned is - the hidden village of Koracia, supposedly housing a shrine honoring the Raven god, pg 48 of the GMs Guide.