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Why do you bully the hammers?

Wed 16 May 2018, 22:08

Is there any reason for not having a talent fokised on wealding hammers? You have one for swords, dagers, axes, thrown weapons ets. Why wold you ever fight with hammers?
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Re: Why do you bully the hammers?

Thu 17 May 2018, 09:30

I found that odd as well.
However it is clear to me that the game intends to have a talent for almost all specific instances but no overlapping talents.
So its easy enough to houserule / create a talent with your players just make sure it doesnt overlapp.

I'm toying with this :

1st lvl =  +1 when fighting with maces/clubs
2nd lvl = When causing damage, your victim will be knocked prone (if able to be knocked prone, talents, monsters etc)
3rd lvl = Add a D8
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Re: Why do you bully the hammers?

Thu 17 May 2018, 10:04

I'm an English game designer working on Nordsaga, a career-focused dark Viking game, powered by the Year Zero engine: