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Weather rules?

Sun 11 Mar 2018, 17:56

Hi! I was thininking that there should be some kind of weather rules included in the final version. For both randomly generating weather conditions and its effects in the game.
In the Journeys chapter, we have terrain, seasons, day and night but no weather. And weather can lead to very interesting and dramatic situations that suit perfectly a survival fantasy RPG.  E.g: rolling the water resource die twice on a hot day, increased difficulty when scouting in a foggy morning, getting stuck in a hexagon due to a snowstorm, etc.

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Re: Weather rules?

Sun 11 Mar 2018, 18:59

Given the Weathermaster spell talks about degrees of change to changing the weather,

You are so in tune with the forces of nature that you can summon a drastic weather shift in the map hexagon where you are. A smaller shift, from cloudy to rain or from dead calm to a light breeze, requires Power Level 1. Unusual weather phenomena that still stay within what is apt for the season – a snowstorm in winter, blazing heat in the summer, or hard winds and lashing rains in the fall – require Power Level 2. To summon completely unnatural weather, such as a snowstorm in the summer or a heatwave in the middle of winter, requires Power Level 3.

... I imagine there may indeed be a way of determining that natural weather in the final version. 
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Re: Weather rules?

Mon 12 Mar 2018, 09:10

Yep, weather rules would be welcome.
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