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Raise the Dead

Mon 12 Feb 2018, 13:16

The text currently states that 'The Power Level of the spell determines how powerful the undead created by the ritual will be.' but also that 'Every Power Level can multiply the number of undead raised at the same time by two. A ritual with Power Level 2 can create two first-level undead, Power Level 3 four such undead, and so on.' The description then lists the type of enhancements that can be applied with extra Power Levels.

My question is: Is this an either / or situation like 'Summon Golem', or do you get both benefits? So,if I cast Raise the Dead at PL4, do I get 8 undead, each with 3 enhancements or do I have a choice of whether to raise: 
  • 8 'vanilla' zombies
  • 4 zombies, each with the same enhancement
  • 2 zombies, each with the same 2 enhancements
  • 1 mega-zombie with 3 enhancements?
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Re: Raise the Dead

Mon 12 Feb 2018, 14:51

Either/or situation. So the list-option.