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More Spells for Sorcerer please

Sat 10 Feb 2018, 22:02

Hey folks,

I've digested the Alpha pdf and thus far I am of the mind that there need to be more spells for the Sorcerer (btw I hope the name change for the class is official, Sorcerer is more fitting than Spellbinder). Necromancy and to some extent Blood Magic seem more for NPCs than PC mages, even PCs who are of a sword and sorcery bent rather than high fantasy. We really need a Fire school of spells, or Storm/Lightning. And more general purpose magical spells also please.

In fact I really don't get all the love Druids are getting, I don't really mind it but not at the expense of Sorcerers. The Awareness school of spells should really belong to Sorcerers, not sure why Druids have it.