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Re: Errata from Genlab Alpha

Tue 11 Apr 2017, 15:23

Crosbie71 wrote:
gribble wrote:
As well as the two changes called out as updates to the Mutant: Year Zero rules in Genlab Alpha (Initiative and Grappling), it seems that there is a change in the recovery rules as well.

To recover from trauma now requires one grub / water per point of damage / fatigue recovered rather than 1 ration to recover all damage / fatigue. Should this be considered an update to the Mutant: Year Zero rules as well?

Are there any other changes to the core / shared rules that haven't been explicitly called out?

Also, I noted that there seem to be two duplicate (or at least *very* similar) general talents in Genlab Alpha - Mechanic and Scrounger. Which is the correct version of the talent?

In my copy of the book, there are two almost (but not quite) identical Talents, both called 'Mechanic'. On p78, there's a reference to a 'Mechanics' (with an -s) to be found on p58 -- but the Talent to be found there is the first 'Mechanic'.

Should one one these be 'Mechanics' and the other 'Mechanic'? Or should there be a different name for one?

'Scrounger' appears to be a scavenger's special Talent, quite different from the two 'Mechanic's.

The two Mechanic talents is an error - there is only on talent with this name. We suggest you use the version on page 59. The reference to "Mechanics" on page 78 is correct - it refers to individuals with the Mechanic talent.
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Re: Errata from Genlab Alpha

Tue 11 Apr 2017, 22:01

Thanks for the clarification, Tomas!
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Re: Errata from Genlab Alpha

Tue 29 Aug 2017, 19:04

On p23 the rules say that a player can make a Force skill roll to move if they are encumbered. This is wrong, it should be the Endure skill.

(I should say that I don't own the English edition of the game. This was brought to light by people in the MYZ g+ community).
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Re: Errata from Genlab Alpha

Sat 23 Jun 2018, 22:54

Sup, People.
I've got two questions about talents at "Genlab Alpha"
  1. There are two scrounger talents -- scavenger's (p. 58) and general (p. 59). Which one is NOT scrounger after all?
  2. As mentioned above, scrounger (p. 59) and mechanic talents are very similar. Which one of them is correct?