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Custom Scenario: Oh Crap! We Shrunk Ourselves!

Posted: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 14:42
by omnibro
I'm in the process of writing an article series that talks about Tales from the Loop with my own custom scenarios, here's the first senario that has been unlocked.

Oh Crap! We Shrunk Ourselves!

To give some context, we play our scenarios in our local town. This so happens to be alongside a seaside town with an established arcade along the promenade. This particular scenario takes place within the arcade and requires one of the kids to cause a malfunction with the Ghost Train, transforming themselves and discover the true Mystery of the Arcade.

Re: Custom Scenario: Oh Crap! We Shrunk Ourselves!

Posted: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 15:50
by baylox
I really like the basic concept here and it can easily be used in just about any decent amusement park or arcade. Very inspiring and very suitable for the game and time period!

I realize that what you've written there is basically synopsis, rather than a complete mystery, but I do have some concern with the idea that the Queen's Nose has to be saved for the ride. I don't know what your local arcade offers in terms of rides, but is the Ghost train the only place the token can be used? That may just be suitable enough, but for a more general mystery I would suggest that the Queen's Nose can be used in, say, four different rides and the event triggers in an appropriate fashion for that particular ride.

If you have any additional suggestions on hurdles to throw in the kids way while they're small, that'd be interesting too and perhaps some more info on how to transform back. What are they supposed to do with the Queen's nose once they retrieve it? Go on the ride again or did you have something else in mind?

Should I use this scenario on my own I'd have to come up with a few more details and if you already have such ideas, based on what your players did for example, I think that would help a lot.

Great job!

Re: Custom Scenario: Oh Crap! We Shrunk Ourselves!

Posted: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 16:28
by omnibro
The Queens Nose is a throwback to childhood novels in the UK. It does not require to be used in just the Ghost Trains, the story is open to suggestion and direction as I quoted in the beginning.

I have a few different stories lined up that bullet point some great adventures and it's really up to the GM to throw in any obstacles along the way, too much detail and it's just another fighting fantasy story. What I love about TFTL is the ability to make it more narrative focus rather than constantly crunching numbers and allowing your players to interpret the environment as they please to create the story together. These custom scenarios are bullet points to make new adventures for future games.