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SNOW DAY - 'Community Made' Mystery

Fri 08 Jun 2018, 17:05

SNOW DAY is a ‘community made’ Mystery. It began as a topic discussion on the TalesFromTheLoop Reddit forum, in May of 2018. SNOW DAY was originally designed as an alternate plot option for ‘Creatures from the Cretaceous’ – the third Mystery in the official Tales From The Loop rulebook. It is now presented as a stand-alone Mystery that can still be used to modify the ‘Seasons of Mad Science’ story arc. While the original story was an extended road trip, this version feels more localized and immediately dangerous. Everything takes place on the outskirts of town: there are missing pets, rumors of stalking wolves, mysterious power fluctuations at the Loop, menacing security robots, and a healthy dose of prehistoric time travel. Players are presented with an end-game puzzle that requires multiple components to solve. Diane Peterson, the rulebook’s recurring villainess, also meets an untimely end (due to ravenous velociraptors).

The initial Mystery content was written by Josh Cunningham. Additional editing, and formatting was provided by James Head. The document layout is a free Word template designed by Andrew Abonce. All digital illustrations are by Simon Stålenhag. Time Machine Diagram was also drawn by Josh Cunningham.