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Questions on Movement and Manipulation

Tue 03 Apr 2018, 04:07

I have some questions concerning movement in the game. My group loves using battle-maps in general so we use that for most combats but I do mix in abstract stuff when I feel like it will save time or I'm running multiple combats at once.

1) The talent Quick (Your muscles are bionically altered for incredibly explosive speed, making you a fast runner. Your Movement Rate is increased by 4 meters (can be combined with Sprinter but not with Cybernetic Muscles). You can jump 5 meters horizontally from standing still, 15 meters with a running start (slow action), and 2 meters vertically).
Okay so instead of moving the standard 10 meters you can move 14 meters. What does jumping count as though? Is jumping by itself (for both people with/without Quick) a fast action like the standard movement? How high can someone jump usually?
And what counts as a running start? 1 meter, 2? Let's say that you ran 5 meters then jumped the 15; would you still have 5 meters left to go and would that all be part of the same slow action?

2)You can combine Quick with Sprinter. Sprinter can be taken up to 3 times for a maximum of 16 meters. Is that maximum only for itself and then you add on the 4 meters you get from Quick for a total of 20 meters?

3) I have a player who (playing as a sad-snarky-clown courtesan) who just wants to do cutting remarks at people and give them breakdowns in combat. We were both amused by this so I let it happen during the last session. According to the rules for out of combat he needs a critical success to do stress damage. Should I stick with that for in-combat as well or should I just let him do a stress attack counting his sixes left over (after a successful opposed roll) or would this be too powerful? I'm inclined to allow it since he (the player) gives a nice speech each time he does it.

Thanks in advance.