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Beasts creation guidelines

Tue 12 Sep 2017, 22:35

I am literally completely new to Coriolis but already in love. Are there any guidelines to create beasts from scratch? I didn't find any in the beasts & Djinni section or somewhere else.
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Re: Beasts creation guidelines

Sun 17 Sep 2017, 13:42


Wellcome to Coriolis! We haven't made any guidelines to create creatures from scratch. When I wrote thew B@D section I looked at the creatures I had previously created to Mutant: Year Zero and modified them to the Coriolis rules. In some cases I increased hit points to reflect a larger animal with more stamina or size etc.

I hade the luxury to have Tomas as look over all creatures and modify them so they wouldn't be overpowered.

The creatures we've written since have used the ones in the rules as a base - a shark beast could resemble the nahang, a spirit, some sort of djinni, etc.
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