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Posted: Mon 14 May 2018, 05:11
by Ice Miller
Dear Colleagues,

Please help me clarify the Initiative rules in Mutant Year Zero:?: 

On page 6 of the corebook, it states RAW (rules as written): "Roll a D6 each. No skill is used and you can’t push the roll. The one who rolls highest, acts first. If it’s a tie, highest current Agility score goes first." Okay, sounds clear enough. 
But on the very next page under its Example, it states: " Everyone rolls initiative – current Agility score plus D6." 
So, which is it? Thanks for your time,

Re: Initiative

Posted: Mon 14 May 2018, 08:00
by Fenhorn
There has been some updates on this rule.

The first version of this rule was that Init was:
* d6+Agility+Talents/Stunts/Mutations. Another d6 breaks ties.

For a while there was an edition that used:
* d6+Talents/Stunts/Mutations. Another d6 breaks ties.

The current version of this rule is:
* d6+Talents/Stunts/Mutations. Agility breaks ties.

Because of this, it can be so that some examples may still have one of the old versions in it. But Init is a d6 (plus any talent/stunts/mutations, if any) and then if tie, highest agility goes first.

Re: Initiative

Posted: Tue 15 May 2018, 05:25
by Ice Miller
Thank you! Much appreciated.