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Mutant Year Zero Question

Posted: Mon 23 Apr 2018, 19:55
by BluntForceKrma
I was introduced to Fria Ligan while backing the recent Coriolis KS campaign. Picked up Tales From the Loop two weekends ago from my flagship store and ran my first mystery sessions this weekend, TOTAL HOME RUN by the way! Anyway, when I picked up the TFL book, dice, and GM screen, one my trusted "in the know" game advisors mentioned that Mutant: Year Zero was going to have a second edition or a make-over with some clean-up of the rules. Any truth to this?

Re: Mutant Year Zero Question

Posted: Wed 25 Apr 2018, 23:42
by Tomas
Happy to hear it!

Well no actually, the current version of Mutant Year Zero is in good shape and we're not planning any major revisions. :)